2015 California Drought Crisis

A new era in farming

Saving water is always important, especially during a drought.

Currently, nearly 60% of California is experiencing an exceptional drought. With an estimated fallowing of 410,000 acres of prime California farmland and expected reduced surface water deliveries of 6.5 million acre-feet of water, 2014 will be remembered as one of the most severe droughts on record. Farm Solutions may not have the power to increase water availability, but we can help optimize your water usage, allowing you to do more with less.

California Drought Meter
task management
Irrigation Schedule

Intelligent irrigation control

Through the use of soil sensors, flow meters, and other essential hardware components, our intelligent irrigation system works with growers to develop an optimized water budget and irrigation schedule.

Our system continually monitors farm data, providing real-time information that allows growers to make informed decisions to better optimize resources and increase operational efficiencies.

Powerful Yet Simple

Our irrigation tools mark only the beginning of our innovative solutions for irrigation management. We also offer automated valve control, giving you the ability to open and close valves, anywhere, anytime. An automated irrigation system will not only optimize water usage, but will increase labor efficiency, allowing farm workers to focus their attention on other essential tasks.


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California has been in a historic drought for over 4 years. Water management and conservation is the key to keep California agriculture industry thriving. With technology advancement from FarmSolutions farmers and growers are now capable of reducing water waste while optimizing water usage. FarmSolutions revolutionary software aids farmers and growers with information that without would be impossible to reduce water waste. Together with soil moisture probes and valve controls some farmers were able to reduce irrigation efforts, water waste, and labor cost by up to 20%. With the inexpensive solutions and powerful tools in the hand of growers water management can be achieved.