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Every grower knows there are three certainties in farming: pests, diseases, and weeds. These are simply unavoidable truths, and we at Farm Solutions would love to tell you we have come up with a solution to eradicate these issues entirely. Unfortunately, we cannot rid you of these troublesome issues, but we can quickly connect you with reinforcements.

Using advanced location technology, suspected problem areas can be mapped with precision and sent directly to your resident crop advisor. With this information in hand, they can navigate directly to the problem area, complete their assessment, and order a targeted application.

The ability to connect with your crop advisors and service providers with unmatched precision will leave your pests wondering what hit them, literally.

Pest control

The Grower

Step 1

Identify issue and take a picture.

Step 2

Add location to a map.

Step 3

Send to crop advisor.

Pest Control Advisor

Step 1

Review information received from grower.

Step 2

Navigate directly to problem area.

Step 3

Assess the situation and add targeted application area and photos.

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Working together is how every farmer, grower, and farm managers effectively operate a successful farming operation. With your team all knowing who, what, where, and when is the hardest part of managing any project. FarmSolutions task management tools help you manage your pest control like no other. Work seamlessly with your pest advisors and team to communicate pest location, pest type, and pest treatment. Together with FarmSolutions real-time communication you’re now able to get things done faster, saving you money and time.