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Rise of the drones Farm technology takes off with aerial data gathering

Rise of the drones: Farm technology takes off with aerial data gathering

FRENCH CAMP — About 200 feet above Nick Mussi’s tomato field a black speck buzzes in the sky taking pictures and collecting data. After 20 minutes it lands, bringing a wealth of information about the state of Mussi’s crop.

Drones take to Central Valley skies

Drones take to Central Valley skies

Central Valley farmers have a history of quickly adopting the latest in technologies to improve yields and now drones could be the next big thing, says Katharine Rosser, a sales engineer with FarmSolutions of Westlake Village.

A Behind the Scenes Look at PMA's Tech Knowledge Event

Drones can spot crop problems

STOCKTON — Hawks flying through a nearly cloudless blue sky and yellow cabbage butterflies flitting over a tomato field in the San Joaquin Delta had to share the airspace Friday with an ink black, arms-width flying wing.

A Behind the Scenes Look at PMA's Tech Knowledge Event

A Behind the Scenes Look at PMA's Tech Knowledge Event

MONTEREY, CA - In this PMA TV exclusive, Ashley Boucher, host and PR Manager of PMA, takes us behind the scenes at the 2nd Annual PMA Tech Knowledge in Monterey, CA. At the

Will Silicon Valley ag tech really grow with farmers

Will Silicon Valley ag tech really grow with farmers

If you’ve any doubt that technology is in a rush to disrupt agriculture, consider the scene at this week's AgTech Silicon Valley 2015 conference.

Amid well-attended sessions covering the Internet of Things in farming, water reuse technology and agricultural data — where neatly-dressed Silicon Valley types mixed with suntanned and scruffy-shoed farmers — one session was standing room only.

FarmSolutions, Justin Gormly

FarmSolutions gives growers tools to monitor crops

With California in the midst of some of its driest months on record, the statewide drought is far from over, and one Westlake Village firm is looking to bring farmers some solutions.

FarmSolutions World Ag Expo

Tulare’s World Ag Expo, Day 2: Water conservation for sale

TULARE — With the demise last year of PureSense, a pioneering irrigation technology company based in Fresno, several vendors at the World Ag Expo in Tulare had no trouble capturing the interest of their former customers.

FarmSolutions World Ag Expo

TULARE, CA - February 10

A drone, or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), hangs above Vincent Rodriguez as he explains how it can be used to monitor field health at the FarmSolutions exhibit on opening day of the World Ag Expo on February 10, 2015 in Tulare, California

FarmSolutions KSEE24 News

KSEE24 News

Everything #agexpo is all in one spot for the largest AG expo in the world!

Good Fruit Grower

Good Fruit Grower

FarmSolutions of Westlake Village, California, is selling an automated irrigation control system that creates an optimized irrigation schedule through use of soil sensors, flow meters, valves, weather services, and software for use with desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Frost Alerts

Automatic notification sent to your mobile device.

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Software, Marketing, and Promotional Materials.

Certified UAV Pilot

UAS pilots are in demand, learn more about this exciting adventure


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