Agricultural Drones

With new technology reaching into farms, drones in agriculture has been rapidly increasing

With the inclusion of drones with in farms, it has no doubt contributed to finding issues that could never have been seen from the ground. Farmer who currently use drones to search for discrepancies have had limited success in solving noticeable issues. With FarmSolutions active approach allowing farmers to share UAV images with their staff has been a significant advantage in using UAV’s within farming. The advanced Farm Solution software has allowed farmers and growers to take advantage of mobile technology and UAV drones to manage their farms.

Soil Moisture Charts

Pest Reports. Soil & Leaf Analysis. Plant Tissue Analysis. Packout Reports. Aerial Imagery. The list goes on.

It’s easy to see how quickly growers can get buried in layers of paperwork. It’s also easy to see how Farm Solutions can alleviate this issue by transforming reports into a visual format that provides actionable information. Our advanced technology can take imagery or reports and convert them to represent specific geographic locations on your farm. With this information in hand, growers can make more informed decisions by “seeing the big picture” rather than a stack of papers.

FarmSolutions is more than just UAV's

Our affordable prices are a compelling reason to consider converting to FarmSolutions, however we also include a variety of tools to allowing you to stay connected with your farm, anytime, anywhere.

The FarmSolutions Irrigation Management system enables users to create optimized water budgets, irrigation schedules, and seamlessly integrates with automated valves.

Task Management brings all essential farm tasks together with unmatched precision and can quickly be shared with employees or service providers to deliver detailed task instructions.

Report Analysis transforms aerial imagery or lab reports into a visual format that provides actionable information.

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Soil Moisture Charts

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FarmSolutions technology using UAV AgDrones

Farming drones from Precision Hawk, Agribotix, SenseFly, HoneyComb, eBee Ag, Delair-Tech, Aerial Technology International, Quad Indago, AgEgale, all offer competitive packages for UAV imagery. The big question is what are doing with the data collected. Put your UAV data to work using FarmSolutions, UAV Aerial Image Analysis.