Agriculture Irrigation

Many advancements have been made in farm irrigation practices.

The use of drip irrigation to save and optimize crop watering has significantly increase the water delivery to the desired areas. As these changes to irrigation methods have advanced from large block irrigation practices to the smaller per acre approach. The introduction of FarmSolutions irrigation sensor and soil moisture monitoring for far less than any other competitor has given farms the ability to target the needs of the crop with high accuracy. FarmSolutions has integrated cost effective valve control to target the distribution of water based on smaller areas, saving water while reducing energy and labor costs. With cost savings and a reduction in crop stress has made FarmSolutions irrigation control can pay for its self within a much smaller window than other competitors.

Mobile Irrigation

Soil Moisture Monitoring & Automated Irrigation Starting at $499*

FarmSolutions has the capability to integrate with several irrigation management tools currently in the market. Our conversion packages protects your initial equipment investment, allowing you to use you same hardware components, while also providing you with our leading-edge FarmSolutions software. Should you want to add additional monitoring stations at your farm, we offer solutions that are a fraction of the cost of competitors.

*based on features

More than just irrigation

Our affordable prices are a compelling reason to consider converting to FarmSolutions, however we also include a variety of tools to allowing you to stay connected with your farm, anytime, anywhere.

The FarmSolutions Irrigation Management system enables users to create optimized water budgets, irrigation schedules, and seamlessly integrates with automated valves.

Task Management brings all essential farm tasks together with unmatched precision and can quickly be shared with employees or service providers to deliver detailed task instructions.

Report Analysis transforms aerial imagery or lab reports into a visual format that provides actionable information.

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FarmSolutions technology reducing irrigation water waste.

Irrigation planning an optimization can only be done with precision agriculture in order to optimize your watering plan FarmSolutions uses ground monitoring sensors from SSI Technologies Inc., Transducers Direct, Watermark, Senteck, Sensirion, AquaCheck, and Decagon. Combining to create irrigation data that is actionable for your farming irrigation needs.