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FarmSolutions agricultural software integrates with your farm to optimize irrigation, labor, and communication.

Farm Solutions also incorporates intuitive farm management software to help farmers and growers communicate and stay in touch with ever changing farm conditions. FarmSolutions has expanded with ever changing farming practices, including using drones on farms to gather data to help farmers and growers see issues before they become problems. Contact FarmSolutions today for your personal consultation.

Soil Moisture

More than just irrigation

Our affordable prices are a compelling reason to consider converting to FarmSolutions, however we also include a variety of tools to allowing you to stay connected with your farm, anytime, anywhere.

The FarmSolutions Irrigation Management system enables users to create optimized water budgets, irrigation schedules, and seamlessly integrates with automated valves.

Task Management brings all essential farm tasks together with unmatched precision and can quickly be shared with employees or service providers to deliver detailed task instructions.

Report Analysis transforms aerial imagery or lab reports into a visual format that provides actionable information.

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Frost Alerts

Automatic notification sent to your mobile device.

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Soil Moisture Sensors

Get detailed insights into your current soil moisture status.

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FarmSolutions technology is a cost-effective and flexible solution.

Conversion from competitors such as Hortau, Ranch Systems, Rainbird, Irrometer, and Crop Connect or any other irrigation systems can save you money and expand the range of information you can collect improve your overall irrigation planing and execution. Contact FarmSolutions for your conversion kit consultation.