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Your Aerial Imagery. Our Actionable Platform. One Comprehensive Solution.

FarmSolutions provides turnkey aerial image services, including all of the equipment, piloting, insurance and FAA approvals needed to fly safely and inexpensively.

Using FarmSolutions’ analytical tools, task management and mobile capabilities, the grower, farm manager, and agronomist can easily extract actionable knowledge from aerial data. Focusing on facts that can be managed and tracked, the farm team can convert aerial imagery into low cost farm intelligence, saving money on nutrients, pesticides, and labor.

How FarmSolutions' Flight Services Parnerships Work

FarmSolutions Pays You to Fly

Thats right, if FarmSolutions locates a flight opportunity we will pay you to fly, it's that simple.

UAV Pilots also get tools and access to FAA Approved UAV crafts, marketing materials, and image processing services to help your business grow.

You Fly for Yourself

Do you operate your own UAV service, or crafts? Then we can help you grow your business with marketing materials and image processing services. Partner with FarmSolutions to provide superior service and tools to your clients.

FarmSolutions Aerial Service

Complete Marketing Packages

FarmSolutions provides a comprehensive marketing package that includes your company branded printed marketing materials, website listings, and reports.

Your Logo

Your Company Branded Marketing Materials

Working with the FarmSolutions’ flight service provider program your company branded marketing materials will feature your company logo, company name, and contact information in a suite of booklets, sell sheets, and website listing campaigns.

Custom Marketing Materials
Custom Marketing Materials

Stand out from the competition

FarmSolutions provides you the tools needed to elevate your business above the rest. With available high quality printed marketing booklets you are sure to stand out from your competitors. Your branded booklets inform your customers on the benefits of continual UAV flight services, as well as key features developed by FarmSolutions.

Tailored for your UAV business

From multi-rotor UAVs to fixed wing crafts FarmSolutions has you covered. Every flight service provider gets access to customized marketing materials features the ability to showcase your craft and services.

Your Customer's Get Access To

Image Analysis

Identify crop health conditions and trends.

Detailed Reports

Areas of interest are presented to the grower, agronomist, or PCA for review.

Task Management

Share identified areas with staff, agronomists, or PCAs for inspection.

Mobile Tools

Interact with your data and your team on the go.

Data Integration

Add irrigation, fertilization, soil reports, and yield data to create a comprehensive farm overview.


Easily compare UAV images and farm data over time, to track progress and crop growth.

Partner with FarmSolutions

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Frost Alerts

Automatic notification sent to your mobile device.

UAV Aerial Services

Transform aerial imagery into actionable data

UAV Pilot Registration

Become a certified UAV Pilot