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FarmSolutions is excited to announce our official launch to the Drone Deploy App Market. DroneDeploy's leading image processing capabilities combined with FarmSolutions’ actionable data analysis will equip customers with measurable imagery and field intelligence. Once data has been uploaded and processed in DroneDeploy, FarmSolutions generates a custom report converting aerial imagery into measurable results. This report reviews key flight snapshots, compares flight data, and evaluates plant health metrics. It can easily be shared with growers and farm management so they may take action and improve crop health.

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Using FarmSolutions to monitor your local weather is easy. FarmSolutions can integrate your existing Davis weather station into your farm profile. Using local weather data you're sure to have the most current information in order to make the right decisions for your farm. With integrated frost alerts sent via SMS and email you can act quickly to prevent frost damage. Crop chill hours are vital to ensure maximum yield, monitoring your local weather can help assess your crops production and health. With FarmSolutions you're sure to have the tools you need in order to maximize your efforts.