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Through the use of UAVs, growers can identify areas of plant stress, detect symptoms of pests infestation or nutrient application issues. Identified issues can be quickly shared via FarmSolutions’ mobile tools with agronomists and field staff to diagnose and treat each problem.

FarmSolutions UAVs are operated by certified UAV pilots and flights are conducted on-demand as growers desire. FarmSolutions image analysis tools transform aerial imagery into actionable data, allowing growers to detect and treat early-onset crop issues, resulting in long-term savings and improved crop health.

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Fixed Wing

senseFly eBee

senseFly eBee

Due to its flexible foam construction, the senseFly eBee weighs only 1.5 lbs which leads to minimal impact energy. Easy to use, simply throw the eBee into the air and it will fly, capture images, and land itself. The eBee can cover up to 4.6 square miles in a single flight. Applications include: agriculture, GIS, surveying, mining, humanitarian aid, and environmental protection.

Precision Hawk

Precision Hawk Lancaster Mk-III

With multiple imaging options to choose from, the Precision Hawk Lancaster has proven useful to a variety of industries. The Precision Hawk Lancaster may be equipped with visual, multispectrectral, thermal, LiDAR, and hyperspectral sensors for use in fields ranging from agriculture to emergency response to insurance.


AgEagle 2015 AgEagle

The 2015 AgEagle is made in the state of Kansas specifically for use in precision agriculture. AgEagle has designed this aircraft to be “Tractor Tough” – utilizing fiberglass and carbon fiber to reinforce and encase the wing form. Imagery obtained from an AgEagle flight includes both full spectrum color photos or NDVI enhanced photos that mimic infrared wavelengths that may be used to determine the health of plants.

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