Solutions that are easy to use are not always easy to come by.

Farm Solutions Mobile Overview

FarmSolutions has developed intuitive tools to enable growers to make more informed decisions. Our solutions transform data into actionable information and can be viewed in one central location. Take a closer look, explore our solutions below.

Mobile Overview

Home Screen

1 Farm Detail - Farm personalization and localized farm time.

2 Farm Conditions - Current Weather including today's low temperature, wind and humidity.

3 Tasks/ To Do's - List of current tasks associated with your farm.

4 Irrigation - View current soil moisture and irrigation schedules

5 Staff - Farm staff and vendors, communication and more.

6 My Profile - Every staff member personal profile settings

Task / To Do's List Screen

1 Navigation Bar - Navigate and quickly filter task list by updated or by task type.

2 Quick Task Detail Preview - Get alert status, task type, task creator, date and short detailed description.

3 Updated Task Notification - Quickly identify when a task has been updated with the communication update bubble.

4 Task Alert Levels - Quickly see the alert level of every task.

5 Create A Task - While using FarmSolutions you can create a task by tapping the create task button.

Create Task Screen

1 Comment - Add task comment and detail to describe the task.

2 Add Location - Include your location position or add an area to the task detail.

3 Task Type - Stay organized and add a task type.

4 Share Task - Share with your staff or share with an outside consultant, just select or enter any phone mobile number.

5 Add A Photo - A picture is worth a thousand words, be sure to upload a photo.

Task Detail Screen

1 Task Type - Quickly identify the task type and navigate back to the task list.

2 Task Details - View task creator profile and touch to call feature.

3 Task Description - Learn about the task and details on its location by taping the map.

4 Guidance - Stop getting lost, with on farm walking directions or driving directions, FarmSolutions helps you get there!

5 Respond - Engage with every task. You have the ability to add to the conversation at every turn.

Irrigation Schedule Screen

1 Schedule Detail - Schedule detail and comments can be viewed in one location.

2 Filter - Quickly view active irrigation zones.

3 Irrigation Zone Status - Keep track and interact with each irrigation zone schedule.

4 Automatic Valve Control - With FarmSolutions valve control you can see the progress of and control the intelligent irrigation control units.

Irrigation Zone Detail Screen

1 Zone Detail - View zone information and navigation.

2 Current Conditions - Quickly view current soil moisture conditions, current water pressure levels and intelligent messaging.

3 Valve Control - Turn on or off irrigation valves with a touch.

4 Quick Interactions - With a touch you can get guidance to a valve or skip watering.

5 Last Watering Details - Learn about each irrigation zones last watering details.

How Does Irrigation Control Work?

Install sensors generously around your farm. Connect the main communication hub via cellular or wireless connection.

Data is collected, assessed and converted to actionable information.

View your data in real-time on your desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Create Task


To get started, designate who the task will be assigned to. Select your contact person from your phone directory or manually enter their number.


Let staff know what task need to be done by selecting the category that best applies. A variety of task types are available to choose from and are yours for the picking.


Provide precise geo-referenced locations by either dropping a pin on your farm map, or drawing a specific geographic boundary. Either way, there will be no question of the exact location needing attention.


Set an appropriate alert level to let them know just how urgent this task is. Providing task prioritization will help ensure tasks get done when they need to.

See the difference

Standard satellite imagery VS. High Resolution UAV Imagery

Roll over image to see the difference

Frost Alerts

Automatic notification sent to your mobile device.

Partner with FarmSolutions

Software, Marketing, and Promotional Materials.

Soil Moisture Sensors

Get detailed insights into your current soil moisture status.


Solutions that are easy to use are not always easy to come by. Explore our intuitive solutions.
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