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Never again ask who, what, where, when and why. Bring all of your essential farm tasks together using Farm Solutions. Whether it’s pest control, equipment maintenance, or irrigation issues, all tasks are readily available in one central location. Create and assign tasks with unmatched precision, using geo-referenced farm maps. Quickly identify tasks and map them with accuracy. Simply share with employees or service providers to deliver detailed task instructions.

task management
Create Task


To get started, designate who the task will be assigned to. Select your contact person from your phone directory or manually enter their number.


Let staff know what tasks need to be done by selecting the category that best applies. A variety of task types are available to choose from and are yours for the picking.


Provide precise geo-referenced locations by either dropping a pin on your farm map, or drawing a specific geographic boundary. Either way, there will be no question of the exact location needing attention.


Set an appropriate alert level to let them know just how urgent this task is. Providing task prioritization will help ensure tasks get done when they need to.

Equipment Maintenance


The ability to share detailed tasks with employees and service providers can help maximize operational efficiencies on your farm. No need to download an app, tasks can be sent via text message and viewed on a mobile device. This is the ultimate communication tool, allowing you to stay connected to your farm, with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Pest Control

Working together is common place in farming. With FarmSolutions real time pest management you can now work to solve your pest problems before they become major issues. Solve your pest problems by sharing photos, locations, and conversation in real time.

Pest Control
Task Harvest Planing


With FarmSolutions you are now able to communicate harvest plans and changes quickly and easily. Work with your team to ensure your crew can make adjustments to your harvest plan.

Weed Control

Weed Control

Weed control is part of farming, using FarmSolutions targets all of your weed control with precision.



Targeting your fertilization application has never been easier. Navigate to the desired location and confidently apply the prescribed amount.



Fixing leaks, walking the lines, cleaning emitters, and filter cleaning are common tasks on every farm. Using real-time communication no task is left undone.



Equipment needs to be regularly maintained, get real-time notifications from your staff on all maintenance issues.

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FarmSolutions is an agricultural technology company providing leading-edge solutions for irrigation, task management, and image analysis. Our expertise in precision agriculture coupled with proven success in technology development has enabled us to create advanced solutions and deliver superior service. The FarmSolutions Irrigation Management system enables users to create optimized water budgets, irrigation schedules, and seamlessly integrates with automated valves. Task Management brings all essential farm tasks together with unmatched precision and can quickly be shared with employees or service providers to deliver detailed task instructions. FarmSolutions Image Analysis service transforms aerial imagery or reports into a visual format that provides actionable information allowing users to see more than ever before. Our solutions are remarkably different, and we invite you to see how they can make a remarkable difference on your farm.