AquaCheck Classic Probe

FarmSolutions Intergates with Sentek Drill & Drop

The AquaCheck Classic soil moisture probe offers capacitance based soil moisture measurement offering up to six depths or sensors per probe. It requires an external logger or remote transmission unit and external power supply.

    Sensor Features
  • A capacitance based continuous logging probe.
  • Probe lengths from 400mm to 1200mm.
  • Up to 6 soil moisture and 6 soil temperature sensors depending on the probe length.
  • Shaft diameter: 32mm.
  • Communication Interface options: Analog, SDI-12 (serial data interface, 1200bd), MODBUS, 2400bd
  • Compliance: CE certified.

FarmSolutions works with a variety of soil moisture sensors

We proudly integrate with the leading manufacturers in soil moisture monitoring, localized weather stations, and irrigation control, allowing growers to simply plug and play with hardware components of their choice. Several probe varieties are available allowing customization for basic or more advanced functionality.

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