Sentek EnviroSCAN

FarmSolutions Intergates with Sentek EnviroSCAN

The EnviroSCAN provides soil-water content profiles for irrigation scheduling or other water movement systems, with great flexibility for precision monitoring of water and salinity at multiple depths in a soil profile. The EnviroSCAN can monitor to depths up to 130 feet, using the same profiling probe. EnviroSCAN is customized for individual applications by adding sensors at user-specified measurement depths

    Sensor Features
  • Multiple Sensors with adjustable depth placement ( at 4 in increments).
  • Monitoring from Shallow depths 0 - 4in to deep installations up to 131 ft ( 40 meters).
  • Flexible probe lengths which can be customized to suit the application.
  • Up to 16 sensors on one probe ( moisture or moisture/ salinity)
  • Soil specific calibrations can be applied to individual sensors.

FarmSolutions works with a variety of soil moisture sensors

We proudly integrate with the leading manufacturers in soil moisture monitoring, localized weather stations, and irrigation control, allowing growers to simply plug and play with hardware components of their choice. Several probe varieties are available allowing customization for basic or more advanced functionality.

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