Automated Irrigation Equipment

Automated irrigation control

FarmSolutions has an integrated solution for automated values and control. Using pressure sensors, flowmeters, and valve control FarmSolutions has created a simple yet powerful combination to help optimize irrigation needs on farms and ranches. Our innovative solution uses trusted partners to create the best irrigation control solution.

Using the FarmSolutions, irrigation events can be scheduled days or minutes in advance providing growers with more flexibility for irrigation planning events such as night irrigation.

Available Component Options

Pressure Sensors
Flow Meters
Master Meter

Irrigation hardware options

In addition to remote valves, pressure gauges and flowmeters can also be incorporated into our system. These components add an advanced layer of information that can be used to monitor regular flow and PSI measurements to ensure irrigation events are happening as planned.

Burmad Valves

Bermad 100 Series – hY Flow High Performance Valves

The BERMAD IR-100 hYflow basic model diaphragm actuated, hydraulically operated valve is at the leading edge of control valve design. It combines simple and reliable construction with superior performance, while at the same time being virtually free of the typical limitations associated with standard control valves.

BERMAD’s automatic water control valves are designed for vertical or horizontal installation and are available in sizes of:
2”, 2”L, 21/2”, 3”, 3”L, 4” & 6” DN: 40, 50, 50L, 65, 80, 80L, 100 & 150.

The IR-100 hYflow model, made from industrial durable glass filled nylon, is engineered to meet rough service conditions with high chemical and cavitation resistance.

The hYflow ‘Y’ valve body design includes a full bore seat with unobstructed flow path, free of any in-line ribs, supporting cage, or shafts.

Its unitized Flexible Super Travel (FST) diaphragm and guided plug provide a significantly ‘look through’ passage from end to end resulting in ultra-high flow capacity with minimal pressure loss.

  • Durable industrial grade valve design and construction uses glass-filled Nylon material to meet rough service conditions.
  • Ultra-high flow capacity with minimal pressure loss.
  • Designed for service on a wide range of pressure and flow conditions, from dripping to maximum flow.
  • Simple design with few parts guarantees easy in-line inspection and service.
  • Positive guided valve plug provides accurate motion and smooth regulation. Avoids chattering and slamming closed.
  • Versatile end connections allow mix of different sizes and connection types.
  • Articulated flange connections isolate the valve from line bending and pressure stresses
Burmad Valves

Hunter PGV 1" Valve

With enough durability to handle the rigors of most residential and light commercial sites, the PGV is available in an array of configurations. For smaller landscape applications, the PGV is available in four 1" body configurations: angle, globe, male x male, or male x barb design. In turn, each model is available in either a flow control or non-flow control version.

  • Application (PGV-100, PGV-101): Residential/light commercial
  • Sizes: 1"
  • External and internal manual bleed allows quick and easy “at the valve” activation
  • Double-beaded diaphragm seal design for superior leak-free performance
  • DC latching solenoids enable Hunter’s battery-powered controllers
  • Captive bonnet bolts provide hassle-free valve maintenance
  • Low flow capability allows use of Hunter’s micro-irrigation products
  • Encapsulated 24 VAC solenoid with captive plunger for hassle-free service
  • Temperature rating: 150° F
  • Warranty period: 2 years
SSI presure sensor

SSI P51 – MediaSensor

The (P51) MediaSensor™ family of bulk micro-machined, absolute, sealed and gage pressure sensors are for both harsh and benign media with superior accuracy. The MediaSensor™ family comes in a choice of three pressure sensing type conventions: absolute, vented gauge or sealed gauge.

These compact and robust sensors, with a wide variety of fittings, measure pressures from 3 PSI to 7,500 PSI and are well suited for a variety of automotive, industrial and commercial applications.

Absolute sensors

Absolute sensors (PSIA) measure pressure relative to a sealed chamber at a perfect vacuum, which remains unchanged regardless of ambient pressure conditions. PSIA sensors are used where vacuum, or both vacuum and positive pressure measurements are needed in an application.

Gauge sensors

Gauge sensors (PSIG) measure pressure relative to ambient pressure rather than a chamber sealed at a perfect vacuum. PSIG sensors are used for lower pressure applications where measurement in a vacuum in not required or provided.

Master Meter

MasterMeter Octave

Octave brings the latest in ultrasonic metering technology to Commercial/Industrial (C&I) water meters and puts precise measurement where the real flows exist. An excellent alternative to mechanical compound, single-jet, floating ball, fire-service type and turbine meters, Octave excels at maintaining sustained accuracy for the life of the meter while providing smart AMR capabilities.

Features & Benefits

  • Flow sensitivity starting as low as 1/16 GPM
  • Grade 316 Stainless Steel or Epoxy Coated Ductile Iron body design provides full compliance with ANSI/NSF 372 (AB1953 or NSF61G)
  • No moving parts. Minimal flow intrusion. Enduring accuracy.
  • No required strainer
  • Wide beam ultrasonic measurement sensors for high accuracy and reliable operation.
  • Industry standard communication protocol for integration with most third-party AMR/AMI systems
  • Active leak, theft, backflow, meter damage/tamper, rate of flow, and battery life indication
  • Detailed LCD display features immediate reporting and visual indicators for 8 critical conditions
  • Ruggedized NEMA 6P/IP-68+ construction; fully submersible design
  • Designed to meet standards for both North American and International C&I water meters
  • Optional flow measurements; Forward Only, Net Volume or Alternating Display (Forward and Reverse Consumption displayed separately)

Netafim M and WMR Water Meters

M and WMR Water Meters are the industry's smallest water meters. They offer the best cost, performance and long life. The M utilizes the multi-jet principle assuring an equally distributed load on the impeller minimizing wear and maintaining accuracy. The WMR contains an in-line axial turbine which allows foreign matter to pass through the meter without clogging. Wide clearances in the measuring chamber and negligible area of contact between static and moving parts are the main reasons for the high reliability of this design even in hard water. Available in 3/4", 1", 1 1/2" and 2" sizes.

Features & Benefits

  • Industry's smallest water meters provide ±2% accuracy over a wide range of flows.
  • Magnetically driven sealed registers are stainless steel encapsulated and guaranteed not to accumulate moisture or fog.
  • 'M' Water Meters utilize the multi-jet principle assuring an equally distributed load on the impeller minimizing wear and maintaining accuracy.
  • 'M' Water Meters have only one moving part, the impeller, is in contact with the water for minimum wear and the utmost reliability.
  • 'WMR' Water Meters contain an in-line axial turbine which allows foreign matter to pass through the meter without clogging.
  • Wide clearances in the measuring chamber provide full pipe flow measurements and high reliability.

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Soil Moisture Sensors

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